What Factors Will Influence The Cost Of Locksmith Services?
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What Factors Will Influence The Cost Of Locksmith Services?

Securing your belongings is one of the most important steps you can take for safety. Locking and keying your home with new equipment can be challenging for any novice. It is best to depend on a reputable locksmith service. The costs of locksmith services could depend on several factors. Here are 5 factors that affect costs.

When Service Occurs

If you request locksmith services during normal business hours, you may not have to pay as high of a price. Increased fees are charged to those who request services in the late afternoon and on weekends. Emergency service also costs additional fees. For example, a client may request a locksmith to be there within one hour of their call. This causes the locksmith to have to come out to their location at the last minute. You can also factor in additional costs during special holidays. Getting a locksmith to come out on Labor Day, for example, can be quite costly. It is hard to predict when keys can become lost. They can get lost at any given moment, but it is best to plan for unexpected fees at any given moment.

Customer Location

When you drive to a locksmith’s location, there are usually no additional fees. However, when a locksmith must drive to your location, you could incur travel costs. These would be based on how far away you are from the locksmith’s location. It could also be more expensive if the locksmith must fight their way through traffic to get to your location.

The Difficulty of the Request

Locksmiths receive all kinds of requests for many different types of locks. Naturally, complicated jobs will cost more than basic requests. For example, if you need a basic unlock, you wouldn’t be charged significant fees. If you need a new lock installation, the fees could be higher. Some locks are more difficult to install than others. For instance, a lock with a number pad will require more than a regular key lock. A locksmith can also make copies of keys for an additional fee. The price will depend on if you have the master key or whether you need a totally new key replacement.


Locksmiths don’t just provide a service. They also use their labor and equipment. In some instances, the locksmith must purchase new equipment to complete your request. You will usually end of paying extra for the convenience. When the locksmith requires complicated equipment to finish their work, a customer will usually be required to pay a greater price.

Job Length

Depending on the situation, a locksmith may factor in costs based on how long it takes to complete a job. If the job takes longer than expected, it could end up costing more. Complex cases generally take longer to complete. For example, replacing old locks can take longer than putting in newer locks. Usually, service charges are added on to the locksmith’s hourly rate.

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