Top 5 Best Security Locks for Your Home
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Top 5 Best Security Locks for Your Home

If you need great home security locks, we can help you pick them. In this guide, you’ll discover the best locks that give homeowners a high level of security and peace of mind.

Electronic Lock

An electronic lock can protect your front door or a door inside your home. This type of lock has a keypad, and in order to unlock a door after the hardware is installed, you’ll have to enter a passcode. Some keypads mount against a wall above a door, and others are incorporated on a base that also has a spot for a traditional key.

Smart Lock

A smart lock has advanced mechanisms that are strategically synced to an authorized device. It’s a very sophisticated lock as it uses a cryptographic key and a wireless protocol to lock or unlocking a door from a distance. You can place one of these locks on a front door or on a door that leads to an office. If you invest in a smart lock, you won’t have to buy an authorized device because you’ll get an app that runs on a smartphone.


This type of lock can protect an exterior door. When selecting a deadbolt lock, always consider the grade. An ANSI grade one lock is the best option for a home since any lock that has it is a quality product. A lock must have certain specifications in order to get the ANSI grade. The American National Standards Institute determines whether or not a lock deserves the grade by

  • Testing its open and close cycles 250,000 times
  • Measuring how far its bolt reaches a door frame
  • Pounding its hardware with a hammer

Knob Lock

Inside of a knob lock, there is a spindle, a bolt, and a cylinder. All these components work together to lock and unlock a latch.

Knob locks can secure entry doors and bathroom doors. Because they have stylish finishes, the process of incorporating the hardware into a vintage or modern design scheme isn’t a hassle.


If you need to secure a door that leads to your attic, use a padlock. Although a padlock has a basic design, it can keep an attic door secure and shut.

You can also use a padlock to lock a gate that leads to your front yard or backyard. If you upgrade to a waterproof padlock, it will never rust following heavy rainstorms.

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