The Top Five Reasons for Lock Malfunctions

The Top Five Reasons for Lock Malfunctions

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Having personal space protected and safe is vital. That is why the use of high-quality locks is considered essential to protect property and safety. Most people who buy or lease a property already have safety door locks installed. However, not all door locks offer the same in quality and durability.

Additionally, because locks are mechanical, they do break down over time. That is why it can be essential to monitor door locks for potential problems. No one likes to be locked out of their home or office because of sudden lock failure. This can cause frustration and safety concerns for people and property.

There are five primary reasons locking systems fail. Understanding the cause is essential. Not all lock malfunctions require replacement of the locking device.

Frozen Locks

When water gets inside a lock, and the temperature suddenly dips below freezing, locking devices can freeze, making it impossible to open the lock. This can be a stressful situation for a homeowner or business owner trying to open their door during a cold snap. In most of these situations warming the key or using a lock de-freeze compound will remedy the problem with no lasting damage.

Broken Locks

This can be one of the most frustrating experiences. While sometimes an impending lock failure shows signs the locking system is having problems, failure can occur with little or no warning. When this happens, the only way to open the door is through the services of a locksmith in Bucks County. When the locking device fails from broken parts, the entire door locking mechanism will need to be replaced.

Worn Locks

This often starts with occasions when the locking device seems to jam up. This may be remedied if the lock is fiddled with for a bit. This usually occurs when the locking mechanisms are worn down and are not engaging correctly. Replacement of the lock is recommended.

Jammed Locking Device

There are a wide variety of reasons why a lock can jam up. Dirt, moisture, and other particles can cause locking devices to jam. In some cases, the locking device stops working and sticks in place. If a lock is jamming up, it may be a warning sign of impending lock failure, and the lock’s replacement is the best solution.

Key Problems

Sometimes, when a lock won’t open, a duplicate key has not been correctly made. While it may seem as if the locking device itself has jammed, keys that are even slightly off can cause the lock not to work properly. Trying another key in the lock before deciding to replace it is a good idea.

If you have a lockout situation, the cause of the lock malfunction should be analyzed so a proper remedy can occur. Through the help of a qualified professional locksmith in Langhorne, PA, homeowners and businesses can get the help they need for lockouts, lost keys, broken or damaged locking systems, and more.

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