Places To Put Your Spare Key In Case You Are Locked Out
Places To Put Your Spare Key In Case You Are Locked Out

Places To Put Your Spare Key In Case You Are Locked Out

Few events prove more frustrating than losing a house key. To prevent this untoward problem, a team of locksmiths in Philadelphia asks our current and future customers to make copies of their house keys and place said items in safekeeping.

Places To Store Spare House Keys

Once our customers have several copies of their house keys made, these objects should be distributed to all members of the household. Moreover, one or two spares should also be constructed.

That said, the key to safely and securely housing a spare unlatching device is keeping it in a place the homeowner or resident will remember but not be a location burglars or other intruders might think to look or gain easy access.

In consideration of such facts, our clients are urged to consider storing spare keys in hideaways such as:

Behind A Car’s License Plate

Typically, license plates are tightly fastened to the vehicle in question. An extra house key can be placed inside a small plastic bag or paper covering. Once said holder is securely sealed, the tiny package can be slid beneath the license plate.

Inside A Brick

Brick structures often comprise exterior property features like walkways and light stations. Security industry professionals suggest identifying a brick contained inside such a construction, drilling a tiny opening inside, carefully fitting in the key, and disguising the hole.

Within A False Drain Cap

Pulling off this will require the purchase of a small plastic container, a drain cap, and digging tools such as trowels or shovels. The digging devices should be used to excavate a tiny space capable of housing the container.

Once said location has been established, the key should be positioned inside the container. The holder should then be securely fastened. Once these steps are completed, the receptacle must be inserted into grass, a gravel driveway, or any other appropriate location before being topped with the drain cap.

With A Trusted Friend Or Neighbor

Homeowners possessing trusted family members or other close relations are encouraged to leave spare keys with said individuals. Such action cuts down on any hassle or worry.

Important Considerations

When strategizing the spare key storage process, our team of industry experts caution homeowners to consider other notable factors.

Arguably, the most important concern centers around where not to store extra keys or access devices. 

Said locations include:

  • Under a doormat
  • Inside door knocking devices
  • In flower pots adjacent to doors
  • Inside your wallet

The first three items on this list are the first spots experienced burglars will look. Well-versed thieves would much rather enter the premises without having to break glass or use some other type of forced entry. We advise our clients not to make said effort more feasible.

Additionally, one’s wallet should also be avoided. Keys can easily slip out of this item and, should the owner lose said possession, the chances of recovering the key are greatly diminished. Moreover, if the wallet is recovered by an unscrupulous individual, the risk of the home becoming a crime statistic drastically increases.

Furthermore, remembering the off the beaten path locations keys are stored might be difficult to commit to memory. Ergo, homeowners should author a document explaining where these places are, producing copies of said paper, distributing Xeroxes to other residents and trusted associations, and leaving one copy in a safe or bank deposit box.

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