How Technology Is Changing The Locksmith Industry
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How Technology Is Changing The Locksmith Industry

Security is one of the most important factors in our lives. Our prized belongings need to be kept safe without us having to worry about anyone disturbing them, so the types of locks we use are crucial for our homes, businesses, and vehicles. As our society continues to advance technologically, so does the job of a locksmith. What is important to consider for lock production is not only ensuring that your house or your car will lock when you leave it unoccupied, but that no one else will be able to break in with any sort of tools. In this way, the job of a locksmith is quite different than in the past. As time progresses, we will begin to see an increase of traditional lock and key systems being replaced with new and improved systems. The following smart key systems are revolutionizing the standard for locking your items:

Transponder keys and chip keys- Contain a computer chip inside that ensures that the original key matches up with the duplicated key by sending a code to the key once you place it into the ignition.

Remotes- Offer an extra layer of security by only allowing entry with the click of a button from a unique device.

Key fobs- Require authentication in order to access mobile devices, computers, and data. The access code will change every once in a while to increase security.

Electronic keys- Work via electric current. The lock will do its job through the use of a magnet or motor. In order to unlock or lock the system, electronic keys can be in the form of a passcode entering system or a remote.

Smart keys and keyless remotes- Allow you to keep your key fob in your pocket at all times, the smart key and keyless remote grants access in an electronic manner. There are several antennas throughout the vehicle that will recognize the key at a certain point and your car can be opened with a simple press of a button on the front door handles. Once inside the vehicle with your key or remote, the ignition is triggered by a start/stop button.

VATS (Vehicle Anti-Theft System) keys- Work through resistance. There are 15 possible resistance values that can be recognized when you place your key into the locks. Cars will only start with a correct VATS code.

As one of the best locksmiths in Philadelphia, PA we are happy to provide you with the locking mechanisms discussed above. These security solutions can all be created, repaired, or replaced by the experts at Best Locksmith. If you are experiencing any trouble at all with your key systems, no matter how complex they may be, we are here to solve your problems.

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