How Secure Are Deadbolt Locks?
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How Secure Are Deadbolt Locks?

Most professional locksmiths in Southampton PA will agree that deadbolts are a key to your home’s security. Even though they are a crucial element to protecting your home, family and belongings, they are not all created equal. When you are wondering how secure deadbolt locks are, they will need to be compared thoroughly for an answer.

Types of Deadbolts to Consider

1. Single Cylinder

This is the most used type of deadbolt and can operate on a twist knob using a keyhole on the outside of your door. It is “dead” because it must be manually moved out of the way by the knob or key to open the door. If you have a glass window on or near your door, an intruder can break through the glass and release the deadbolt themselves.

2. Double Cylinder

If you have a double cylinder deadbolt, an intruder will not be able to open the locks themselves, even if they break a nearby glass window. This is because the lock will need to have a key on both sides of your door to be opened. Some homeowners do not like double cylinders due to this fact. If there is a fire, you will not be able to get out as quickly. Depending on where you live, this type of lock may not be legal.

3. Horizontal Throw

A horizontal throw deadbolt is more secure because the locking mechanisms extend one inch past your door frame and into the door jamb. This makes the lock more secure, but it can still be at risk of forced entries. If an intruder can pry open the door jamb to let out the lock, they will be able to disengage the throw and gain entry.

4. Vertical Throw

Vertical throws are deadbolts that are surface mounted onto the door frame. It works by interlocking with cast metal rings attached to the door jamb. Because of the way the rings are surrounding the bolt, it makes it almost impossible to be pried open. Of all of the deadbolts, this is one of the safest and most reliable.

Your Door Matters

You can install the best deadlock bolts on the market onto your home’s doors, but if your door is not secure and solid, the locks will not be able to do their job properly. Both the door and its frame need to be reinforced. If you want a door with windows on it, be sure they are small or located further than an arm’s length away from your locks. For best results, you should have a professional install your doors and locks for you.

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