Five Common Reasons Why a Door Lock Won’t Unlock
Five Common Reasons Why a Door Lock Won’t Unlock

Five Common Reasons Why a Door Lock Won’t Unlock

You need to have your personal space, which is safe and well protected. Therefore you need a high-quality lock that is necessary to safeguard your property and safety. Majority of the people who rent assets already have door locks set up.

However, not all door locks offer the same as far as sturdiness and eminence are concerned. Furthermore, locks do break down since they are mechanical. It can result in frustrations as well as safety concerns for both people and property. Explained in this article are some of the five primary reasons why locking systems fail.

Iced up Locks

Locks do freeze when water gets into it, and temperatures rapidly dip below freezing point. This phenomenon makes it impossible to open the lock. The status quo can be very stressful for the business owner or the homeowner. The only remedy to such a situation is to call the top locksmiths in Philadelphia, LMS! We are trained and equipped with the experiences in gaining non-destructive access. We have the right gears and knowledge that will assist you in gaining entrance easily.

Damaged Locks

Broken locks can be incredibly frustrating. Lock failure normally occurs even without any warning even though looming lock failure usually shows signs. When unlocking fails, the only way to open your door is through the service of the best locksmiths in Doylestown PA. Our services are ranked the best and cost-effective since they are professional Locksmiths. Some of the common techniques we use are bypassing the door lock, lock picking, and opening the lock latch

Worn out Locks

Wearing out of locks often begins with instances when the locking device appears to gridlock up. When you want to solve such an issue, you have to trick the lock a bit. This problem is common with worn-out locking mechanisms; thus, they are not engaging correctly. Therefore, replacing the lock is the only remedy

Jammed Locking Device

Jamming in locking devices is often caused by moisture, dirt, and other particles. Sometimes locking devices may stop functioning and in turn, stick in one place. Jamming in locks is a cautioning signal of impending lock failure. And the best solution to such cases is lock replacement.

Key Problems

In some cases, when a lock does not open, then the duplicate key has not been appropriately made. A slight mistake in the key making can make unlocking very difficult and impossible. And hence trying another key lock before reopening is a good idea.


Generally, if you have a lockout situation, first analyze for the lock malfunction. Then identify a professional who can help you rectify the lock malfunctions. Remember, not all lock failure needs replacement of the locking system.

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