Essential Steps to Lock Maintenance
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Essential Steps to Lock Maintenance

For your locks to work efficiently, proper maintenance is paramount. While you may be using high-quality locks, if you don’t maintain them adequately, they may start malfunctioning. A lock is a mechanical item, and it is prone to dirt and grime entering inside it. Therefore, if you don’t properly maintain your lock, it may be hard to operate, or it might completely break. You need to learn the steps for lock maintenance if you want to use them for a substantial amount of time. Our Doylestown locksmiths outlined some helpful steps that you should follow to maintain your locks.

Ensure your Door is Installed Correctly

You have to ensure that your door is installed correctly and adequately prepared for the lock. If your door is sagging, it may create pressure on the lock, which may make it difficult to operate. You should ensure that when your door is being installed, it is hung correctly, leaving uniform space between the door and its frame to ensure that it does not exert pressure on the locks.

Test the Deadbolt and the Deadlatch

The deadlatch of a lock is an essential security feature that should be appropriately aligned with its strike plate. You should ensure that when you are closing your door, the deadlatch does not fall into the strike plate. You should also ensure that your deadbolt is working freely and that the hole in the door jamb is enough to allow the bolt to move freely.

Clean the Locks

Cleaning the locks is part of its external maintenance. It is quite simple, provided you do it correctly, and it also plays an essential role in the efficiency of the lock. You should use soap or an appropriate detergent to clean the locks. Ensure that you do not use a highly concentrated cleaner with a massive chemical compound. Ideally, most door locks have a protective coating, which ensures that they can withstand regular detergents but not heavy chemicals.

Use an Annual Lubrication

While you may be cleaning and maintaining the outside of your locks, the inner parts should also be cleaned. Primarily, the inner parts of the lock should be lubricated. We do not recommend any petroleum products for lubricating, use other lubricants. Spray the lubricant into the lock’s keyway, and move your key in and out of the lock. Be sure to remove any debris on the key, before placing it back in for proper maintenance. It would be best if you lubricated your locks at least once a year.

Maintaining your door locks is incredibly simple, but if you don’t do it the right way, they may not function efficiently. Be sure to follow the essential steps we have outlined to maintain your locks adequately. If you need locksmith services in Plymouth Meeting, PA, contact our technicians right away.

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