Building Security During a Pandemic: Lock Safety Tips to Keep Your Home and Business Safe
Building Security During a Pandemic: Lock Safety Tips to Keep Your Home and Business Safe

Building Security During a Pandemic: Lock Safety Tips to Keep Your Home and Business Safe


Almost a year ago, much of the world ground to a halt. Businesses shut down, schools closed, companies downsized while others sent workers on compulsory leaves. These activities meant that people would be spending a lot of their time staying put inside their homes and apartments. Securing these homes and apartments is of significant importance. 

To achieve this, you need a reliable, safe, efficient, and effective lock mechanism on the access points to your home. With our highly skilled and experienced locksmiths around the Philly area, you don’t have to worry about this. The LMS Group locksmith services offer very highly trained and authorized locksmiths to meet every door security requirement out there.

Installation Services

A building or remodeling your house? Contact our locksmiths in Philadelphia to install that latest state of the art security lock that is guaranteed to keep your home or business burglar-proof and give you that peace of mind. We handle just about any lockout there in the market, from the analog ones to the digital ones incorporating the latest technology. All you have to do is get in touch with one of our representatives, and we will immediately send our dedicated team of locksmiths to your area. 

We have years of experience installing and servicing locks in the greater Philly area. We not only install new lock systems; we also repair old scrappy locks and damaged ones. Have you lost a key for whatever reason? Call us to open that door for you and install another one efficiently and effectively.

Emergency services

If for whatever reason, you would like to replace your door lock, get in touch with us. Better yet visit one of our Philly offices and have a chat with our experts on what best suits your circumstance. Our quality and range of services are second to none; we guarantee quality.

Car Services

We not only specialize in home and business locks but also car locks. Thousands of Americans lock themselves out of their car or lose their car keys every month. This experience can be both traumatizing and nerve-wracking. Luckily our highly trained specialized car locksmiths come equipped with the right set of skills to access just about any car model out there on the American road.

Looking for the best locksmiths in Bucks County, Philadelphia and anywhere else in our service area? Contact us today!

Other services

The LMS Group locksmith also offers services such as;

  • Duplication of keys.
  • Re-keying.
  • Standard locks.
  • Key cutting services.
  • Installation of premium high-security locks.

We also provide 24 hour emergency lock services in Philadelphia city and its immediate environs. So for whatever lock problems, you might have contacted us, and our locksmiths will be more than glad to assist.

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